How to Get to Bellagio/

Bellagio Car Service & Taxi Information

Car Service

This company has vehicles in different sizes and is able to accommodate various needs:

“Autoservizi Davide GUERRERA”
Info & Booking Office:
Fax +39.031.513.058
Mobile +39.335.8152.464

Local Taxis

These companies may be less expensive, but they have a limited number of vehicles:

Info & Booking Office:
Mobile +39.339.3887238

Info & Booking Office:
Fax +39.031.952.114
Mobile +39.335.6299588

If you do not want to book in advance, once at the airport or train station, you may find a taxi at the taxi stand. This option is perfectly safe, but typically more expensive.

** Please note that official taxis will have a sign in the window stating: “Taxi Autorizzato al Servizio Aeroportuale Lombardo.“