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Diversity and Inclusion

The decision to become a more diverse and inclusive work place brings unique challenges—and immense rewards. At The Rockefeller Foundation, our journey to realize this goal is just beginning, yet it is already resulting in new insights and contributions from staff members and management at all levels of our organization. We now are seeing the concrete results of the groundwork we have been setting for the past several years. Some of our results for 2012 include:

  • The Establishment of our Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors Group, an internal group that will work together to lead our Diversity and Inclusion program
  • A New, Comprehensive Parental Leave Policy, is aimed at being inclusive of all individuals in a parental role
  • The creation of a Mother’s Room, that is fully equipped with privacy and comfort and supplies for breastfeeding women, to more effectively address the needs of working mothers
  • The Co-sponsoring of a Diversity and Inclusion Panel, which took place in October 2012
  • The Launch of a Diversity Tool Kit on The Rockefeller Foundation intranet, a tool for both managers and staff.
  • The Foundation’s Inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Report and webpage
  • Publication of our staff and Board of Trustees diversity numbers

Our Diversity and Inclusion Vision

Our vision is to create an environment that fully supports and leverages the collective differences and similarities of all Rockefeller Foundation employees in order to ultimately promote the well-being of humanity.

At The Rockefeller Foundation, diversity and inclusion are more than concepts. They are the guiding force behind our thoughts and our actions. We define diversity as valuing and leveraging the collective differences and similarities of our staff. For our purposes, inclusion is an extension of that concept, meaning the creation of an environment in which each individual is empowered to use their voice to constructively and fully contribute to our success.

Recognizing that a diverse, inclusive, and talented workforce is the key to excellence, we strive to ensure that diversity and inclusion and talent management function as one. That is why we aim to fully integrate each of these elements into every aspect of our corporate culture in three critical areas: recruitment, employee development, and diversity measurement.

For the first time, we are publicly sharing our staff and board diversity numbers, which we feel is an important way to be transparent about our progress, and hold ourselves accountable for realizing our goals.

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