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Over the course of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 104-year history, global health has been a core pillar of our work and impact. In the twentieth century, the Foundation helped pioneer the field of public health and funded the development of the yellow fever vaccine. More recently, the Foundation has supported countries in Africa and Asia to build their capacity to detect and respond to epidemics, and played a key role in advancing Universal Health Coverage. As we plot the course for our next major investment in global health, the Foundation is seeking a visionary, seasoned leader to shape and guide our future work. While there remains significant room for the Managing Director of Health to shape the Foundation’s future priorities and approach, in broad terms the next health initiative will focus on improving the health and well-being of people in developing countries through the application of data and technology. We see community health as a key entry point for directly addressing gaps and inequities in current health systems, and leveraging innovation to achieve breakthroughs on some of the most persistent health challenges. Work in this domain will require the Foundation to engage equally effectively with global health institutions as well as implementing partners on the ground.

The Managing Director, Health will oversee the development of a multi-year, goal-driven initiative that delivers concrete improvements in the health of poor and vulnerable people across the globe. This will require partnering closely with the Foundation’s President and the Health team to design the strategy, and to build a broader community of partners, stakeholders, and prospective grantees. They will also oversee the structuring of signature partnerships for delivery and funding of the resulting work, and ultimately manage those relationships to ensure accountability and impact. They will also play a powerful influence role, mobilizing a range of key stakeholders, including other funders, in support of the Foundation’s goals. To realize this work, the Managing Director, Health will oversee a core team of RF staff, and partner effectively with broader Foundation colleagues.. This role is based in New York, NY, and reports to Dr. Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Leading the executive search for the Foundation is Annie Martin Simonds at Spencer Stuart.  Interested candidates may contact Annie at: RFHealth@spencerstuart.com

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