Global Resilience Partnership


Convened by The Rockefeller Foundation and USAID

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)


Photo credit: Jonas Bendiksen

The Global Resilience Partnership, spearheaded by The Rockefeller Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), aims to help millions of people in the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, and South and Southeast Asia build stronger and more resilient futures.

Why the Global Resilience Partnership?

Over the last 30 years, $1 out of every $3 spent on development has been lost as a result of recurring crises, a total loss of $3.8 trillion worldwide.

We face a new reality: disasters and shocks—natural or manmade—along with chronic stresses, are coming faster and lasting longer. The effects of climate change combined with population growth means more people stand in harm’s way, with the poor on the front lines. The number of reported disasters has nearly tripled since 1980, and the cost of those disasters is up 300 percent, to $200 billion every year.

The result is a cycle of human suffering—loss of life, livelihoods and aspirations—and for developing countries, staggering economic loss.

With an initial commitment of $100 million, the Resilience Partnership will accelerate promising technologies and ideas and identify new opportunities that can better build the resilience of families, communities, countries and regions—ultimately saving lives and livelihoods, as well as precious resources for when they are needed most.



Through building resilience, we can help prevent desperation, save lives, and create conditions where families and communities can prosper.
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