Bellagio Center: The First 50 Years



Although it is impossible to capture 50 years of achievement in a few brief pages, this book provides a healthy sampling. It includes a compilation of essays written by some of Bellagio’s more than 4,400 residents and 36,000 conference participants to date. It conveys accounts of the Bellagio Center’s legacy: how it has influenced careers, transformed fields, amplified calls for—and accelerated causes of—progress. It illuminates the Center’s grounds, the beautiful milieu in which the Center’s work occurs. And it celebrates some of the fruits that those laboring at Bellagio helped reap.





Read more about the Bellagio Center's first 50 years below:

President's Letter

The Work (1959-2009)

Voices and Visions

The Setting

The Mix: Residents

The Mix: Conferences

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