2013 Arts & Literary Arts Fellows


Arts & Literary Arts Resident Fellows have been selected to join the global, interdisciplinary community at the Bellagio Center. The Resident Fellows program provides a serene setting conducive to focused, goal-oriented work, and the unparalleled opportunity to establish new connections with fellow residents from a stimulating array of disciplines and geographies. The Bellagio Center community generates new knowledge to solve some of the most complex issues facing our world and creates art that inspires reflection, understanding, and imagination.

The following Arts & Literary Arts Fellows will be in residence at the Center in 2013, joining a global, interdisciplinary community of academics, practitioners, and policymakers.


Barba, Andres Spain The Pretender, a novel
Behrens, Peter United States Sailor, a novel
Elisha, Adrienne United States Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra
Finn, Robert United States Cevdet Bey and His Sons, a translation
Modé, João Brazil INTO, an artwork
Namukasa, Glaydah Uganda My New Home, a novel
Parker, Samir India Flexing the City, an art project
Rose-Innes, Henrietta South Africa Green Lion, a novel
Samuels, Diane United States Metamorphoses, an art project
Tadjo, Veronique South Africa Marie, a novel
Valenzuela, Luisa Argentina Writing & the Body: Memoir of a Novelist
Wax, Margaret United States Barrier Winds, a choreographic map
Young, C. Dale United States The Halo: Book Manuscript of Poetry


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2013 Practitioner & Policy Fellows

2013 Academic Writing Fellows

Residency Deadlines
Academic Writing

The competition opens on October 1, 2014 with the deadline being December 1, 2014 for a possible residency between dates August 18, 2015 to November 26, 2015.

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Arts & Literary Arts

The competition opens on October 1, 2014 with the deadline being December 1, 2014 for a possible residency between dates August 18, 2015 to November 26, 2015.
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Practitioner applications are accepted on a rolling admissions basis.

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