Ariel Pablos-Méndez


Managing Director

Ariel Pablos-Méndez, MD, joined the Rockefeller Foundation in 2007. Dr. Pablos-Méndez’s appointment as Managing Director marked his return to the Rockefeller Foundation, where he worked from 1998 to 2004. During his previous tenure, he worked with international agencies and donors to spearhead the creation of several public-private partnerships to develop drugs and vaccines for diseases of poverty, such as the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development. He also led a re-thinking of the Foundation's program on AIDS, which brought about a pioneering initiative for the comprehensive treatment of mothers with AIDS and their families in Africa.

Having served as acting director for Health Equity in The Foundation, Dr. Pablos-Méndez moved to Geneva in 2004 where he was Director of Knowledge Management and Sharing at the World Health Organization (WHO). There he worked on establishing the principles and practice of knowledge management as a core competence of public health, to help bridge the gap between research and implementation, and established WHO’s first eHealth unit.

Dr. Pablos-Méndez received his MD from the University of Guadalajara’s School of Medicine (Mexico) and his MPH from Columbia University, where he also serves as a Professor of Clinical Medicine and Public Health.