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The governance practices of the Rockefeller Foundation are described in a set of documents, including: the Charter, Social Investing Guidelines, Bylaws, the Code of Conduct, and the Whistleblower Policy, which are approved by the Board of Trustees.


The Rockefeller Foundation, as now constituted, is a corporation resulting from the consolidation of The Rockefeller Foundation  and The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial.

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Social Investing Guidelines

The Foundation has a significant endowment, the result of the gifts by Mr. Rockefeller. He intended that the Foundation would work in perpetuity, and our investments are managed with this in mind.

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The Bylaws of The Rockefeller Foundation as amended through June 19, 2014, follow, as they apply to Trustees, Board Meetings, Officers of the Corporation, and more.

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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is designed to guide the trustees, officers and staff of The Rockefeller Foundation in the performance of their duties and the operations of the Foundation, and sets out the Foundation’s conflicts of interest and related policies.

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Whistleblower Policy

As stewards of the public trust, all staff and trustees are expected to ensure that the Rockefeller Foundation complies with the highest standards of financial accounting and reporting, and engages in lawful and ethical behavior. This policy is intended to encourage staff to report to management concerns about possible violations, and to lay out procedures for reporting and investigating complaints.

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2013 Annual Report
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Our 2013 Centennial Annual Report focuses on the innovations that made our first century—and our Centennial year—so remarkable: from the launch of the field of public health in the early 20th century, to the launch of 100 Resilient Cities in 2013. 


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Our Centennial
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Our Centennial is aimed at uncovering and addressing the challenges facing the world's poor or vulnerable people for the next 100 years.


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